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SP Standard & Advanced Websites: Website Updates

Chris Sparsi
posted this on December 11, 2012, 16:54

As of the 12th December 2012 you will notice that your SP Standard or Advanced Website will receive a layout and display refresh. The new layouts will enhance the look and personalisation of your website, whilst rendering pages on web and mobile are of the highest priority.

The changes that have been made to the Standard and Advanced Websites are part of a series of updates we’ve made to a number of our key products this year. The Website refresh is designed to:

-    Give your organisations identity a greater presence

-    Offer flexible and cleaner fixtures and results pages

-    Provide cleaner statistics pages

-    Ensure a faster and easier to use Website Editor

Basically the update is set to ensure that your website remains an integral part of your organisations identity and to provide a greater efficiency for administrators but most importantly to keep your website easy to use for your members.

What has changed?

Refreshed Page Layout

The first thing you will notice is that the layout at the top of the page has changed. Your header will move to the very top of the page to be the first thing your members see and to make sure that your Association, Club or Team’s identity comes first.

The leaderboard advertisement is now nested on a dark background to create additional separation between your content and our advertising.
You will also notice that the right hand column has joined the rest of the page.


Old Website Layout


New Website Layout


New layouts for fixtures/results

Your results have looked the same for years and finally they get a bold new update.

The default results layout will change to a clean modern layout with big team names and even bigger scores. Team logos feature prominently adding extra colour to your site and vital match information is clearer to read.



Along with the new default layout, two new variations will also be available. If you liked the old layout, it's been updated too. The Classic results layout is wider and has a grouped date, time and venue information to ensure no one misses a game. For further information on how to configure these results layouts, click here.


Detailed Results

Big result tables in small spaces made it hard to get all the detail in your Detailed Results, so we've gone wide.

Scrolling to the side to read tables isn't fun, so detailed results tables have been expanded to use the full width of your site.


Old Layout


New Layout