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Membership: Where to find main tasks in Membership Version 6

Chris Sparsi
posted this on December 11, 2012, 14:29

With the release of Membership v6 will come a number of changes to where information is updated and added, and settings configured in your database. Below are a few of the main tasks and processes that are commonly undertaken and where you will need to go to find them in the new version 6. With a more intuitive menu layout, navigating through the new Membership v6 shouldn't take long to get used to.


Where to go in Membership v6 to:

  • Find the Configuration (Red Spanner) menu items

The menus  that were previously in the configuration menu are split into two areas in Membership v6. The top menu items house some of the configuration menus (e.g. Venues, Bulk Ladder Rebuild, Exception Dates can all be found under 'Competitions' in the menu). The 'Settings' cog in the top right hand corner houses the additional menus (less regularly used options such as Fixture Templates, Seasons, Password Management and Field Configuration).


  • Edit/Update a Member’s record

     1.    Hover over Members in the top menu
     2.    Click on List Members

     3.    Click on the View  symbol next to the member's name
     4.    Click on Edit next to the 'Details' heading


  • Control database access (User Management)

     1.    From the Association level, click on the Settings symbol in the top right corner
     2.    A drop-down menu will appear. Click on User Management


  • Add a new Competition

     1.    Hover over Competitions across the top menu
     2.    Click on List Competitions
     3.    Click on New in the top right hand corner
     4.    Click on the relevant competition (Home and Away, Venue Allocation, Pools)


  • Publish to Web

The 'Publish to Web' function is now located in the 'Competitions' menu in the top menu. To publish your competition data to the web:

     1.    Hover over Competitions across the top menu
     2.    Click on Publish to Web


For further information on the new Membership v6, click here.