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Registrations: Create a new Registration Form (Clubs)

Jason Rossi
posted this on October 12, 2012, 14:53

Create a new Registration Form (Clubs)

To set up a new club-level registration form:

  1. From the club level of the database, click on Registrations in the menu and select Registration Forms from the drop-down menu.

      2. A list of existing Registration Forms will appear (if there are any). To create a new Registration form, click the green 'Add New Form' button.

This Page will list all Registration Forms in your database providing the Registration Form Name (and reference number) and also describe which Type of form it is (Member to Club, Member to Association etc.)

You are also able to View or Edit the Registration Forms. You may also choose to Make a Copy, Replicate the form to Clubs (from Association Level) or Delete the Form.


      3. The setup process for a new registration form will begin. The instructions below take you through each step in detail.


Viewing the Registration Form is the best way to check the Registration Form has been set-up correctly and also to copy the URL (link) that can be posted on your Website or e-mailed to your Members once online registrations commence.


Step 1: Settings

Step 2: Fields: Select the fields and field settings for the registration form

Step 3: Layout:Adjust the order of the fields on your form

Step 4: Products: Choose the products you would like to use on the registration form

Step 5: Messages: Allows you to add blocks of text throughout the registration form process

Step 6: Notifications: Choose who receives notification emails.

Other options and actions:

View: Allows you to view how your Registration Form looks

Edit: Allows you to edit the setup of your form

Delete: Allows you to delete a registration form

Team Competitions: Allows you to select which competitions your team managers can register their team to (only for Team to Association forms)