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Registrations: Getting Started

Jason Rossi
posted this on October 12, 2012, 14:45

Getting Started

The following information gives a quick overview how to get started with online registrations and payments.

Our suggested order of setup is:

  • Login to your Online Membership Database
  • If you don’t have your login details please contact your State Governing Body or Association
  • Hover over Registrations across the top menu
  • Select the Payment Configuration option
  • Enter your details as per the relevant fields
  • Decide on how you would like the processing fee model you wish to use; User Pays or Inclusive
  • Read the Terms and Conditions
  • Attach a copy of your latest bank statement to which the monies will be transferred into.
  • Click on the I Agree button
  • You will then be sent a verification email to the address that you indicated was the accounts email address.


Now you can send your current manual form to and we will help load it to your database. From there, we will call you and show you how we did it so you can make any necessary changes going forward.

If you would like to have a go at it yourself, CLICK HERE to get online help in all areas of Registrations & Payments.

Our suggested order of setup is:
  1. Setup your products
  2. Build your form (unless your sport provides a standard one)
  3. Add the products to the form
  4. Add your form to your website.


For help in getting started with this process, please contact our Online Payments team on 1300 139 970 or via email on:

Craig Hood -



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John Richo

Hey Guys,

I don’t seem to have the ok to do rego’s I am the clubs registrar and have been since 2010. All done in the old method of sending in the rego form. I have been accepted with my log on and can get to my Clubs Dashboard but it seems I don’t have any authority to do anything.

I want to re-register several players to this year from last year’s list 2012 all clearly listed. Please tell me how I can take those I want  from 2012 to 2013. I have new players hat I have listed for clearances but not sure if they will go straight tom my 2013 list or not once cleared by past club.

I also can’t seem to find the online re-registration forms. Have I got to go to a different level of authority for that to happen? I am going quietly nuts here and have to get this done for our coach he has arranged a game for the coming week, thing is he  doesn’t know I haven’t got one player registered yet.

I love new technology but why do they make it all so complicated. All some of us want to do is register players, our players don’t have to pay rego fee so we don’t need any of that just the basic register knowledge for me as the club registrar. I believe there was a video giving an online instruction but I must have missed that.


Please reply as soon as possible otherwise I will have to drive to Gilgandra and hand the signed forms to Castlereagh League myself.

Sorry for the inconvenience I may cause. Just adding I can and do log on using my Passport user name and Password and that gets me to our club dashboard.


John (Richo) Richardson

Trangie Magpies RLFC Inc



March 18, 2013, 13:51