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Delete function in SP Registrations

Deanna Szczypior
suggested this on October 2, 2012, 13:11

Associations should have the delete function that Sporting Pulse itself has but not users (administrators) of databases.

We should be able to delete a team from competition if it has been accidently entered - and we also should be able to edit the team name if someone has entered it wrongly (spelt a name wrong or called the team the wrong name or club)

at the moment you cannot do this.



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Sam Fewster

Hi there, thanks for the feedback.

I presume you mean delete a team from your database (as you can remove it from the competition)? This is something we're thinking about at the moment. It has wider ramifications which complicates the matter but we are pondering the best way to do this.

Team names can be edited by the Association unless the field is configured as 'Add Only (Compulsory)'. This can be configured by the Assoc or higher level (through the Cog > Field Configuration) 

For now if you want to delete any records please rename them to 'please delete' and send us a request to delete them (if you could give us their ID numbers that would help).

Thanks again.

September 13, 2013, 11:57