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Passport: From UN/PW to Email/PW

SP Support
posted this on September 7, 2012, 00:47

We've wanted to change the convention of UN/PW in SP Membership for some time.

By changing your login to an Email / PW scenario, the following will happen

  1. Better auditing of secure Membership systems
  2. We can communicate updates to the Membership system with you
  3. Many administrators juggle multiple logins.  We will be able to bring all your Membership and Website logins under a single Email / PW (via SP Passport)

 In order to align all your logins under a single Email / Password, you must create a SP Passport.  Here are the simple steps involved in transitioning from UN/PW to Email/PW

1/ Here is SP Membership as it looks today (September 2012)



2/ Here is what the SP Membership login page will look like as of September 12, 2012

This screen gives the prompt that SP Membership is changing login credentials, but will allow the administrator to sign in as normal, via the login box in the bottom RH corner



3/ Pop up screen

If an administrator does not create an SP Passport, they will be reminded via pop up that they must create a Passport in order to access their database before November 30, 2012.  Administrators who have created an SP Passport will not see this message.



4/ Access all your databases via a simple 'Link Account' process

SP Passport allows administrators to log in to all the databases they currently have access to, via a single login.

Simply, the user can add as many logins as they have access to – perfect for those juggling multiple system logins for sport.



5/ Your SP Passport Dashboard

A simple SP Passport dashboard gives the users access to all logins, from SP Membership, to SP Websites and also touchpoints such as communications they have signed up for and game reminders.



SP Passport will make your life in the SportingPulse Network just easier.