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Browser Support Policy

Jason Rossi
posted this on September 3, 2012, 16:05

SportingPulse Browser Support Policy

All SportingPulse built websites follow this policy of Web browser support.

Full Support
The following browsers are fully supported and all sites should display and function properly when viewed by one of these web browsers:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer v10 (and above)
- Mozilla Firefox v15

Partial Support
The following browsers are not fully supported but we will make a reasonable effort to make sure that all major functionality works and that layout is approximately correct (or at least degrades gracefully):
- Safari (Latest versions)
- Opera (Latest versions)

Limited functional support
The following browsers are not fully supported. These browsers are very old and may have potential security risks. We will endeavor to make sure that the content appears on the pages, however the display may be different to the display on the browsers listed under the full support heading:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer v7

When SportingPulse builds a website we endeavor to comply with W3C HTML and CSS standards. While other browsers may not be explicitly supported, if they comply with the international W3C web standards then they should function properly.

Note: Some functionality on SportingPulse built websites may rely on the use of one or all of Javascript, Adobe Flash or Cookies. If a user disables one of these technologies in their browser then the website may not function properly.