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Standard/Advanced: Domain Names

Chris Sparsi
posted this on August 15, 2012, 20:51

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is like a street address for the Internet. Computers identify websites by a number (for example SportingPulse's A Record number is As these numbers are difficult to remember the DNS (Domain Name Service) was introduced. This means you only have to remember instead of

Why Would I Want One?

You do not necessarily need a domain name. Your website can be reached through, or generally through your governing body's website.

If you want people to be able to go directly to your site without going through the Fox Sports Pulse web site, then you will need a domain name. Domain names also make it easier to advertise your web site.

Domain Name Registration

If you would like to register a domain name for your association or club so as to make your site easier to find and easier for your members to remember then Netregistry can offer several types of domain names. You may use the domain name company of your choice, however. With any domain name ending in .au then an Australian Business Number (ABN) or Incorporation Number is required for a domain name.

Domain Name Redirection

Once you have created a domain name or if you already own a domain name and wish to redirect it to your new Fox Sports Pulse website, the supported method is to add as a CNAME record to their domain name. This step must be added by the user or their ISP, with the only exception being if we host their domain name.  Then contact Fox Sports Pulse (Submit a Request via the SP Support Centre) with your domain name and the website you wish it to be linked to and we will finalise the transfer of the domain name to your new website.


Free Sub domains

Website editors now have the ability to assign a domain to their site automatically – for example,

When compared to the long and complex Fox Sports Pulse URL’s you often find in your browser when navigating your website, this shorter web address (URL) can greatly assist in the promotion of your website to your members and supporters.

Assigning a sub domain to your site

Log in to your website's Site Administration Control Panel (back-end) as a website editor.

Click on the Domain Name icon.



Enter the domain name you would like for your site (You will be notified if your selected domain has already been taken or unavailable, and Fox Sports Pulse reserves the right to revoke access to any domain name in our system at any time.)


What sub domains will be available?

At this stage you’ll be able to assign a domain name with the extension, where you’ll be able to select the prefix (e.g. 'yourclub') for your domain.

Note: Some sports already offer their own sport-specific domain names – e.g. (RubgyLeague), (Motorcycling) etc. We encourage you to contact your sport’s governing body to find out more information about any such domains that may be available.


Please note: Fox Sports Pulse do not host domain names