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Competitions: Create a New Competition

Michael Pocklington
posted this on July 17, 2012, 13:29

This is the first step required to create a new competition. You will be asked to enter all the details, settings and rules for the competition. Once the competition has been created, you can then move onto the next step - adding teams and creating the fixture. 


1. Hover the cursor over Competitions in the menu and select List Competitions.


2. A list of your competitions will appear. Click on New in the top right corner.


3. Select the type/ format of the competition. Three different formats are available:

  • Home and Away competition
  • Venue Allocation competition
  • Pools competition.

An explanation of each competition format is provided.  Click on the type of competition you want to use to proceed.

After selecting your competition format, you will see the 'Add New Competition' screen. This screen is the same regardless of the type of competition format you have chosen in Step 3.

4. On the 'Add New Competition' screen you are required to enter information on:


  • Details - the name of the competition and the season it belongs to.
  • Age group, division and gender.
  • Fixturing - number of teams, venues and rounds required and the default game start time and duration.
  • Website display - how the fixture and results appear on the website
  • Templates - how the competition's rounds and stats appear on the website.
  • Notes - any notes, details or instructions that you want to display below the fixture on the website.
  • Days competition run - the day (or days) of the week that the competition is played on.
  • Match locking - settings for allowing clubs and teams to submit results online.

Note: Currently match locking has no concept of timezone, the check is run once a day for everyone at Midnight (AEST)


5. Once you have entered/ selected all the information and settings for your competition, click on Update Competition.


So long as all compulsory fields have been completed, a message will appear noting that the new competition has been successfully created.


NOTE: If any compulsory fields have not been completed, you will be automatically taken to the fields that need filling in. The field will appear in red with the message 'Field required' next to it. Enter the information and click on Update Competition to complete the setup of your competition.


Now that you have created a new competition and added its details, settings and rules, you are ready to add teams and generate a fixture.



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kevin sinclair

how do i get in contact with someone to st up a whole league set up with 8 to 10 leagues??

October 4, 2012, 03:20
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Melinda Barrie
Wagga Water Polo Association

how do you change a field from compulsory to not compulsory re adding new competition?


thank you

September 27, 2013, 01:58
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Jason Rossi


These questions have now been converted into tickets. You will hear from our support team shortly.

October 25, 2013, 08:12